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A TV show dealing with NFT produced by raising funds with BTC and ETH will be produced.

A 10-part TV show about cryptocurrency is produced!

The show will also be the first mainstream TV show funded by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency exchange, major production companies are developing a 10-part TV show for virtual currency.

Beacon Pictures, the creator of the long-running and popular ABC drama “Castle,” said the TV show will be called “HODL”, the codeword for “Hold On For Dear Life”, and the production cost is also digital. He said it would be financed as an asset.

It took full advantage of the help of a very clever cryptocurrency insider who contributed to the script, the pseudonym Suh Toshee.

“Crypto is about a community,” said Mark Pennell, CEO of Beacon Pictures. “This show is an extension of that community, so we give crypto entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in this show that reflects many of their stories. By making, it embraces innovation.”

Tokenized revenue for investors

The show will reward investors in the form of tokens, allowing them to directly receive tokens in proportion to their net profits in their crypto wallets.

“As far as I know, this is probably the first mainstream TV show funded with Bitcoin and Ethereum,” Pennell told Deadline Hollywood.

With NFT enthusiasts continuing to dominate the market, it is not surprising that the entire episode will be released in the form of dealing with the NFT.

Meanwhile, the show is scheduled to begin filming in Puerto Rico in August, and is centered on Mel, a young female technology founder who releases tokens in honor of his missing best friend.

Some of the roles have already started casting, and famous figures from the crypto world, including tech master and billionaire Tim Draper, will appear as cameos.


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